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Create more photo-realistic renders 


This course is going to help you to gain the skill of photorealistic 3d visualization. You’ll learn all the secrets of photorealistic rendering, complex Vray materials and correct postprocessing in Photoshop. You’ll be able to make some special tricks that will speed up your work in several times.

If you’re a beginner in this business, this training will give you a quick start in the profession. It will take you about one month to become able to make professional renders, which are indistinguishable from photos.

If you already work in architecture design softwares, in this course you’ll learn some special tricks with lighting and render settings, which are going to improve the quality of your renders.

  1. Interior & Exterior modeling

  2. Settings of composite materials

  3. Texturing

  4. 6 lighting types

  5. Postprocessing

  6. Correct work with the scene

  7. Frame composition in interior


We teach YOU how to analyze and spot Rendering ERRORS, blotches, artifacts, grain & noise – AND we give you the “Ultimate Formula” to OVERCOME these challenges.

  1. Ambiance light of the scene by using plugins Map

  2. Placing lights and matching it to Environment

  3. Adding artificial lights and populating them organically

  4. Creating landscape lighting by choosing the right one

  5. interior & exterior LIGHTING MethodS

  6. PRO Lighting techniques for producing interior scene with exterior open roof

  7. Different  Material Setups 

  8. Post Production methods for creating photorealistic renderings

  9. Fast and stable Workflow that will give you amazing results each time!

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